A Very, Very Happy Un-Birthday to You!

I am very excited about this discovery--a virtual Tea Party!

Venessa's precious and fun blog, A Fanciful Twist is hosting a virtual tea/costume party on June 28. There will be dress-up, favors, glitter, food and fun! Here's how it works:

*Dress up in your crazy garb or costume
*Decorate your space
*Share your party treats on your blog on the 28th!

You don't have to be a blogger to join in, she will share your treats and creations on hers. Go now and make a comment at A Fanciful Twist to join the fun!

And if you can join, comment here to let me know. I'd love to watch for your creations at the party. I will be crafting party favors and goodies all week and would be delighted to get your opinion on some creations. Hope to see you there!

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