As Promised...

I'd like to share with you some of my finds while treasure hunting in Northern Virginia a few weeks ago. There's a great shop near my office that sells what some may call junk, but I call treasure! It was my first visit and if I didn't have anything else to do that day, I could have spent hours and hours going through all the history captured in that place!

The power was out because of a storm the night before, but the kind owners marched on. In fact, I though it made the whole experience more enriching. Like going through my grandmother's attic for vintage goodies.

First, some original photographs. These are funny and I used the wedding photos for cards for my bridesmaids and hubby.

Doesn't this kid look like he's having a ball?! I imagine this taken at his birthday party and all his friends are jealous of his shiny new red wagon. Thought it would look good for a birthday card.

Risque! I'm sure I'll find a good occassion to use this on a card!

Surprisingly, most of the photographs had writing on the back that was pretty well-preserved, detailing the people in the picture and the date it was taken. I love how it chornicles what the owners were thinking at that time.

They had dozens of old books. I also got this calculus book and thought it would be good to use the pages for some decoupage projects. I like the graphs and tables in this one.

As a bonus, when I got home I found an envelope with some old handwritten calculus homework tucked inside! Looks like Miss Helen James was a good student!

You'd never get a surprise like that bringing home some thing you buy from the mall! I want to keep these, so I think I'll make a collage out of them.

And last but not least, a blank old school register for keeping records or recording new ideas for the shop.

Overall I was very pleased with my treasure hunt. Can't wait to start crafting with my finds and explore some more when I get a free weekend. Don't you just love finding vintageness in the most charming places?

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