Wedding Nostalgia

We have returned from a magical wedding weekend in Wales! It was a spectacular day with friends and family and Mr. J and I could not have asked for better company. The weather cooperated and everything went smoothly. See how happy we are?

I am sharing some photos from our photographer since some of you requested it. Can you believe none of this was retouched? The castle and welsh countryside were even more beautiful in person!
Once I gather photos from family and friends, I will post some detail pics of DIY projects from the reception. For now, hope you enjoy a piece of beautiful Wales!

Now that the wedding is over, I MUST concentrate on some crafty creations I have been putting off! So many ideas floating in my head that I want to make a reality. If only I can add a few more hours to the day--know what I mean?
In a few days I should have:
*Updated items in my Etsy shop
*Fab finds from antique shopping!

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KathrynAntyr said...

Absolutely spectacular! thanks for posting these photos from your very magical and special wedding. You are a beautiful bride! Now get crafting! Can't wait to see what you design. All the best, Kathryn