Oh Baby!

I had the pleasure of hosting my first baby shower for a friend of mine. Throwing parties are always alot of fun but incoporating handmade projects is the best part! We had to make sure we didn't go overboard with the cute stuff since it was a co-ed baby shower, after all. But how can you throw a party for a baby without being cute?!
We didn't know the sex of the baby, so we went with neutral colors: blues, greens and yellows.

Here are some details from the festivities...

Mum and Dad-to-be signs for the couple's seats.

Gift table: Guest book, diaper cake and games station.

For one of our games, guests were asked to guess how many jelley beans were in the bottle.

Yummy cake and favors table.

We hung newborn onesies and booties with clothes pins from ribbon. The clothes were also a gift for the baby after the shower!

Chocolate candy favors were placed in little boxes and attached with handmade tags. We used an adorable baby picture frame to display a sign asking guests to take a favor. The frame was also given to the parents-to-be as a gift for the baby's room.

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