Gettin' Crafty on Storage

My crafting buddies inspired me to looking into my work space and storage area. Right now, it is a total disasater. Sure, I have a few clear containers that I've plopped craft stuff in, but it is disorganized within the organizer. As I'm working on wedding invitations, baby shower invitaitons, cards etc. I've realized that the flow of my creative juices are interrupted each time I'm scrambling around for scissors, paper trimmer, whatever. Anyone ever had this problem?

So, I've set out to orgainze my space! Now, I know that I am not naturally a super organized person. In fact, I work best when things are a bit more "me" and laid out in disarray on the crafting table. Lately it's been getting out of hand and the disarray remains long after a project is fnished. I need help! I also didn't want to spend a small fortune on this new path in my crafting life since I would rather spend the cash on more stamps, juicy ink pads and the latest dry embossing technology has to offer.

Now I'm thinking, ok, go to someplace cheap and make use of what they have. Just make the craft stuff "fit" in their dang boxes, shelves or whatever. In my search, however, I've found that a place as mainstream as Target has some organizers specifically for crafters. Hence, I can save my imagination and creativity for my crafts!

Check this out:

I'm lovin' the little canisters for brads, embellisments or eyelets. They are magnetic and come with a strip that you can leave on your desk top or hang on your wall. So my crafting storage now becomes wall decor--how cool is that?!

I am just having so much fun browsing though all the organizers and brewing up ideas!! The best part about this is that it is all very reasonably priced. Just go on Target's website and look for "Storage and Organization" under "Craft Products Organizers" and be prepared for about an hour of "YES! I need that!!!"


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