My first Craftin' All Nighter! is the fruit of my labors back in oh....Sept 7th-8th

First a thank you card for my gal Ai Lene and her fiancee Erik for taking care of the Mits while Michael and I were on vacation.

Then a Birthday card from Michael to his mother.

I wanted to make a gift certificate holder for the inside of the card, but I wasn't entirely happy with how it turned out.

Here's the card I made for Michael's mom, from yours truly.

Bringing the love of my life into this world and rasing him to be a man was definately not easy.

I told my mom I'd make Baby Shower cards for us.

When it got to mine, I was definately getting tired.

Near the butt end of the night (morn?) Not really worth posting, but's a card!

I spent most of the night making this gift for Michael's mom. She's been having a tough time lately, so inside every origami flower is a thank you note from me to her. So she can read them everytime she feels down.

It was so weird....I tried to go to sleep, but I was on some type of weird high. I laughed as I thought to myself, least in the morning I'll remember what I did the night before!

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LizzyJ said...

These are GORGEOUS! I love the oragami idea--they turned out SO beautiful! All the cards are really great. Definately worth the all-nighter!
Thanks for sharing!