Love for Amy Butler

Amy Butler plates
I'm please to share with you that Amy's designs have jumped on your dining room table with this delish dinnerware collection!

It almost doesn't matter what you put on these precious settings. Your food and drink will taste good just because the whole set is sooo pretty to look at!

Those of you who have visited my shop may Amy Butler designs as a common thread in some of the stationery I offer. I just love the fresh look Amy Butler has to offer in her fabric and paper designs.

At the moment I have been a fan of fusing the two concepts and creating note cards with Amy Butler fabrics!

Amy Butler Fabric Birdie Card

I will have these available at my upcoming Craft Show in Crofton this Saturday. Hope others find them as cute as I do!

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RagsNehali said...

Love everything Amy it fabric, or papers and now Mikasa..
your shop looks great!!