Just another manic Monday

Mondays at work always require "recovering" from a relaxing/busy weekend. The coffee and tea station in my new office is a blessing...

The Flavia Creation 400 in my office is more than a coffee machine. It is coffee paradise. I look forward everyday when I come to work. Each morning, this fabulous machine gives me all the options of coffee, tea, cuppucinno and chocolate drinks I never even knew existed.

All you do is choose your drink and insert the corresponding packs from this display of caffeinated heaven.

One cup is brewed (very quickly) just for me, and just the way I like it. I think later I will try something from "Indulgence." Then later, a cup of something with the foam topping pack. It's so easy to make and no more worrying about those office mates who feel they are too good to make coffee when the take the last cup!

And I can always rely on its great customer service!

Mondays may be manic, but at least I have coffee to get me through!

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