Indie Coupons!

I've received my shipment of indie coupons from Totally Indie. What are indie coupons you ask? It is a collective of indie designers and businesses set out to give some great deals fabulous handmande stuff.

As part of LizzyJDesigns' marketing plan, my coupons will be one of 40 included in the latest packs of coupons. I've been slicing and packaging these beautiful coupons from awesome indie designers to include in my packaging for an upcoming craft show and online sales from the shop. Scoring a pack of these coupons will get you deals from indie clothing, jewelry, pet toys and of course--paper goods!

Here's the coupon you'd get from my shop.

You will also get 39 more discounts from different fab indie shops!

So get in on the action and get these coupons with any purchase from the LizzyJDesigns shop!

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