Something Old

I can't resist sharing a wedding detail with you that I will cherish forever. For "something old" on my wedding day my mother gave me this baby's bonnet. The story behind it is the most sentimental part.

At the hospital the day I was born, nurses came around to sell these little bonnets with a great vintage card.

It reads:
I'm just a little hanky,
as square as can be.
but with a stitch or two
they made a bonnet out of me.
I'll be worn from the hospital
or on the christening day.
Then I'll be carefully pressed
and packed away.

For her wedding day,
so we've been told,
Every well-dressed bride
must have that something old.
So what could be more fitting
than to find little me.
A few stitches snipped,
and a wedding day hanky I'll be.

And if perchance, it is a boy,
someday he'll surely wed.
So to his bride,
he can present the hanky
Once worn upon his head."

I just teared up when my mother presented this to me the night before my wedding. Isn't this the sweetest thing you've ever read? I can't believe my mother kept all these years. She actually forgot about it until she went through some old things of mine a few weeks before the wedding and discovered it. What a find! It still has little stain on it from my earliest days...

Don't you just adore finding something special. Flea market finds give me such a high, but something historic about my own past is just so extra special!

Now I wonder if they still do that at hospitals? Anyone heard of a similar tradition? I have never heard of it before and I hope they still do. Well, if they don't, I will surely cherish this one for my future daughter or son.


beth said...

that is the sweeetest post ever !! just love the bonnet !!such a yummy treasure -
thanks so much for the birthday wishes !! please keep visiting !

inge said...

The bonnet is really beautiful, but the story behind it hits it all !!

I wish my mum got something like that when I was born... I don't think they have done this here in Belgium, but it's a beautiful tradition.

I keep it in mind for my kids ( they are teenagers now...)
thanks for sharing this with us
Inge from Belgium

3rdEyeMuse said...

how lovely! I can't say I've ever heard of the tradition ... wouldn't that be a nice one to bring back? :)

enjoy your special treasure