Sneak Peak

This month has been flying by and I know I promised to post a tutorial on decoupage frames, but I haven't been home with enough sunlight to take some good pictures for you. I even designed some new stationery but again, no good pics to list on the shop. So, I've decided to offer you a sneak preview of some designs that I WILL list very soon!

Can't decide if I should offer these as flat cards or folded notes. What do you think?
Here's a rehearsal dinner invitation that I designed for a client.

Even though I don't have as much time to keep up with taking pictures and blogging as often as I'd like, I've met some great people on Etsy from the shop and forums. Between those guys and gals and meeting all my new blog friends, I fee like a virtual prom queen! Thanks all!


KathrynAntyr said...

You are a busy bee my Lizzy J. You managed to comment on my blog before I had a chance to email you about my post today! Haa haaa. Work it just gets in the way of blogging. Good thing we get lunch breaks. There simply isn't enough time in the day to play! Thanks again for the party favor. I am sharing it with a sweet helper at work.

All the best, Kathryn

Gallery Juana said...

Great idea for decorating envelopes!
Thanks for sharing that.