Packaging makes perfect

I have been filling orders from the LizzyJDesigns Etsy shop like mad! That is a good thing, of course. I am very happy that the shop is starting to take off because I enjoy working with people to create the custom invitations and stationery they will fall in love with!

Since the shop started taking off, I have been finding creative ways to package items to mail out. I think that packaging is really important. I love receiving goodies in the mail and a big part of the excitment is how items are packaged. Do you find this true for yourself? I came up with these mailers over the weekend...

I mailed out note covers as a Mad Tea Party favor to some blog friends with these.

I thought the envelopes were a nice way to present them without putting them in a huge envelope. To make the mailers, I cut some bubble mailers in half and sealed the end with the adhesive. Then with some simple tape, I lined the opening with some Amy Butler scrap paper I had from another project. It was just sitting in my scrap box anyways. Then I put my items inside, taped it up and ta-da! Pretty package ready for mailing. What's great is that I get two envelopes from one! It's ecological AND economical!

For those of you that received these packages, I hope you like them :) Did you like seeing the burst of color in your mailbox? If so, I will use this method to mail note covers to customers. I wanted them protected in transit, but didn't want to keep a bunch of tiny USPS boxes laying around. I find these to be so much prettier, don't you?

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Winniel said...

Love these envelopes! your blog is lovely too, i got the link thru reading the forum minutes ago ;)