Craft Fair Dilemma

As I mentioned in my last post, as LizzyJDesigns expands, I have been looking into participaing in local craft fairs. I need your help!

When you visit craft fairs, are you more likely to buy note sets or individual cards? I am thinking of having my note covers available since the price is low enough for people to pick up with some cash on hand.

I would like to include some of my frames as well, but not sure how many to make.

What sort of items should I include and how many should I make? Most craft fairs are for general crafts and there will likely be other card makers there. I need something that makes me stand out. If anyone has experience or ideas, I appreciate the help.

Thank you!


kim* said...

love everything you make. :)

studiorose said...

Your stuff is gorgeous! In my experience, what will make you stand out is a beautifully decorated selling area. Cover your tables with beautiful linens & lace, set up soft lighting, sprinkle pretty confetti around, make display stands that will elevate some items above others. Don't use plastic bins or stands; painted wood (shabby chic style) is much nicer. Group like items together; make nice vignettes with your wares; put pretty b&w photos in your frames. You may have the most beautiful things in the world to sell (and you pretty much do!), but the way you display them can make or break a sale. Another hint: put out some really decent candy in a dish - not where someone walking by can grab it, but where someone has to come and interact with your items in order to see it and get the candy. It's a psychology thing - people subconsciously want to "pay you back" for the free candy and will be more likely to purchase! (So again - put out really good candy; nothing that looks cheap.)

Good luck to you with your sales; I hope you do well (but don't see how you couldn't)!

Estela said...

I usually buy note sets!
Love your stuff!

Rosemary said...

Nice to meet you Lizzy!
Love your stuff too!
I would probably buy note sets.
I like those.
Take care, and visit again soon.