Welcome to the Party!

Bust out your best pearls and baubles, ladies, it's party time! Today we are participating in a blog Tea Party and many have been very busy preparing.

I showed you some little snippets from the LizzyJDesigns studio that will be used at the party and you will see the rest here today! Lets see who's stopping by today.

Oh, how very kind of you ladies to to get so gussied up!

And moi?

I have arrived as a peacock for the occassion. (This is from halloween a couple years ago. I assure you, this is not my usual Saturday morning garb! I WISH!)

And our gorgeous centerpiece arrived yesterday! Bunches and bunches of paper forget-me-nots. They are on display today but I will surely be using them in many creations in the upcoming days.

I've already used a few in this altered frame. Look, the queen herself is here today! The queen never misses tea time, you know.

And the snippet of the peacock I showed you earlier this week turned out to be...
my first party crown! I'm loving how this turned out. The double-sided paper came in very handy for this project!

High Tea (usually served in the late afternoon) will bring more creations! So stop by in a few hours and we will serve up some delicious treats and the best part....

Your party favors! I will be send each one of you wonderful bloggers a special party favor for stopping by and sharing your thoughts at our tea party. Come by for high tea in a few hours and find out what you'll be getting!

Ok, off to visit the other parties! You can find the entire list of party-goers and planners at Vanessa's blog.
Enjoy and see you for high tea!


KathrynAntyr said...

I just adore your peacock crown. Lovin' it. I will definitely be back. I had a little friend stop by today for a tea party and we had so much fun. Those photos will be posted tomorrow. I'll swing back later to see what you are up to. Beautiful work!

studiorose said...

Your crowns are adorable! And love the peacock costume - it's definitely the best one I've seen so far and looks great on you! Hope you'll stop by my place and sign up to win a party banner made especially for the occasion. :)

Melissa Valeriote said...

You look fabulous!! LOVE the feathers. Sorry I'm sooo late, too many stops to make. What a party!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Hasn't this just been a most magical party?! It's still going on -- I think it's become a weekend long event!! So nice to meet you at Vanessa's!

paula clare said...

Oh how fun! Your invitations are divine...all be they a tad problem, I have a feeling the party will be going on for days!

Join the mersisters and I in the hot tub for a cool glass of something sparkly and some relaxing conversation! See you there!

Bethany said...

Oh you are too beautiful in your peacock getup!!!! Love, love, love that peacock crown too...soo glad to meet you at this wonderful tea party :)