Locco for Gocco!

Since I started wedding planning, I've been learning about the Gocco machine and it was love at first virtual sight. Gocco is a home printing system that works like silk screening. There are lots of tutotials online and you can see beautiful designs people have done on Flickr and Etsy.

At first, I had to have one. Then I thought, "You'll never use it. Spend the $$ on fancy place cards for the wedding instead, stupid." Months went by when the Gocco and I didn't speak. Then our love affair reignited when I got around to designing all my wedding stationery. I broke down.....and bought one!

I justified it as an investment/reward for doing my own stationery for the wedding. The $$ I've saved!! Besides, this is the only time I'll need to make 100 copies of something (pronto), and the Gocco is perfect for multiple productions. Also, I wanted have gold/metallic/pearl on my table cards, but am finding that the metallic papers really do add up! This way, I can use paper I already own in my craft arsenal and still have some glam with pretty METALLIC INK the Gocco comes with! That's a good reason right?

I'm sitting by the window waiting for the mailman to bring me my precious Gocco. Stay tuned for some experimental prints!

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