9 Days

Holy cow, only nine days until we get hitched! I am up to my eyeballs in DIY projects, but the reward of doing all the paper items on my own will be priceless. I already received so many kind words from guests for our handmade invitaitons.

We are getting married in my hubby-to-be's hometown in Wales, UK. Our venue is at the breathtaking Caerphilly Castle. Yes, I wrote CASTLE. I mean, who would have thought I'd be getting married in a castle?! I am a lucky gal. Not just for the castle part, but my man is wonderful too :)

The venue has been booked for over a year but I can still hardly believe it. There is a moat and everything!

This is the Great Hall where the ceremony and reception will be held.

But since the hubby-to-be has already departed for Europe, I'm left for a week to finish trimming placecards, rounding corners on the programs and make out-of-town packets. Well, the week has melted into a mere few days to get it all done. I have been pleasantly surprised at my own efficiency.

Once I arrive home from the wedding, I'm going to really pursue my dream of having my own shop. After handmaking all my wedding projects, I'm confident that I can handle a business and make beautiful invitaitons for other future brides!

Stay tuned for results from my labors and wedding pics!


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey girl,
im glad you found me.
your blog is darling, i will bookmark it.
goor luck with the wedding!!
sounds fabulous!!
jessi said...

Thank you for your comment!!! Good Luck with the wedding!!!

Can't wait to visit your blog again!!!