HOT for Gocco Bulbs

I was instantly in love with my gocco printer and blogged a tutorial on the print process. As with all crafts and things in life, I am learning as I go. As I diversify LizzyJDesigns' product mix, I decided to bust out my good old Gocco printer again this weekend. Alas, what do I find in the box? ONLY TWO BULBS LEFT!

I spent about 15 minutes contemplating whether I should use these bulbs or save it for a rainy day. My Gocco PG5 printer requires two bulbs for each design. Bulbs and supplies are hard to find now. What if I use these up and can never Gocco again?!

I went to and they were out and have been for a while. Ok, time to search for more bulbs that will not cost me my first born. After a search on Etsy and other online retailers, I found the best deal at Think Ink. Not only is this the best price, they seem to be in stock of bulbs, inks and screens during a time when Gocco supplies are scarce. I always seem to need supplies when Riso (Gocco's parent company) decides to discontinue their line. Somehow suppliers come up with more and we are all happy but Gocco enthusiasts will share my heartache of uncertainty of available supplies. This time you can be sure that I'm stocking up!

So I'm off to buy some spankin' new Gocco supplies and will share my creations with you. I'm hoping to get a nice mix of products for an upcoming craft fair. More on that later!

Any Gocco users out there have a good, reliable source for affordable supplies? Please share!

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