Aren't these FAB?!

I just HAD to share my newest ribbon/trim/whatever container. I grabbed up these two delicious Nicol Sayre nested eggs at One Hundred Wishes. Easter is long over but I still love them.

The larger egg says "Happy Spring" and the smaller says "Happy Easter." They still brighten my day, no matter which season it is!

I put leaf trims and seam binding in these eggs, but some other little things on my craft table have found their way into them. They are so pretty and useful!

Right now I have them perched on top of my paper box. I will find a more prominent place to display them later---maybe next spring!

Andrea at One Hundred Wishes has great stuff. I must wait until the wedding to put in another order. In the mean time, I can dream up all the things I will create with pretty ribbons and trims!

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